Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to Stop My Mastiff From Peeing Indoors

How to Stop My Mastiff From Peeing Indoors

Mastiffs are a very stubborn dog and typically they will want to do what they want to do no matter how much input you try to give them. However, if you are like me one place that you will put your foot down at is when you have to clean up pee inside your home from them. I know from experience that if you do not let them out in time you will have a puddle the size of a river to clean up because the bladders are so huge! Here is a tip that I have found that helped me out tremendously in stopping my Mastiff from peeing indoors.

The tip that I have found to come in most handy is to take my Mastiff outside frequently when they are learning to be trained to go outside. I know that this sounds like an easy solution, but for me it meant having to take my puppy outside every time that they would have a drink, eat, or do anything like that. It also meant that I would need to take them outside every fifteen to twenty minutes to ensure that they would not have the accident on my carpet anymore! Then as time would go on I was able to expand out the time for longer periods until I no longer had to take them out right after drinking or eating and they are able to hold it for a longer period of time.

While you might not like the idea of having to take your Mastiff out as often as what I recommend I know that it does work quickly on getting them trained not to make your living room carpet into an absorbent pad. This is the method that I used for mine and I have not had a single problem getting them fully trained quickly.

Tara currently owns one English Mastiff who is a giant baby. He is a very loving and caring dog for her children and does wonders in helping keep the children in the yard when they are outside playing. He is so well trained that he even listens to the children when they are around him. You can find a solution to help your mastiffs behavior at helpmymastiffbehavior.info If you have other dogs that you have behavior problems with you will want to visit dogbehaviorsolved.info

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